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     The Arts Society Scarborough covers Coast and Country
Welcome : Why not Join us? We are now 35 years old and have over 190 members locally and over 90,000 members nationally 

Here is a glimpse of some of our lectures :

The Arts Society Scarborough has been a member of The Arts Society, previously NADFAS (the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies), for over thirty years. Come along and join us if you are passionate about The Arts, Culture, Conserving our Heritage, enjoy meeting people and making new and lasting friendships. We have inspiring monthly lectures given by experts in their field, study day events, educational visits and cultural holidays. Membership is £54.00 per annum.

For more information please contact: If you wish to join the Society please use the following email link, complete the pro-forma email, and send it to the Secretary: Click this link to request, by email, an application form. (Note:-Some mobile phone email systems may not display the full email)

We have a new printed flyer to spread into the local community the benefits of joining our group. You can ask any comittee member to give you a supply for your contacts. Follow this link to see a pdf of the flyer The Arts Society Scarborough Flyer (use the back button to return to the front page)

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about the rebrand at:
(1) Johannes Vermeer: January 2019  (2) Drinking Vessels: March 2019 
(3) Vivaldi in Venice: May 2019
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